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MEIN KAMPF, I feel it my duty to call attention to certain historical facts which must be borne The first volume of MEIN KAMPF was written while the author was. This book presents the mind of Hitler. It is worth the reading. Hitler talks about injustices in the treaty ending WWI fighting. He also clearly presents his views of . Mein Kampf is Hitler's autobiography. He wrote about his youth and what life was like for him growing up. He conveyed many of his ideals and.

Reviewer: xyoungblood - favorite - December 6, Subject: Hitler. Man, myth, leader of micro-penises.

Nazis are just weak men and women, who have zero self confidence blaming others for their short comings. What a bunch of babies.

Mein Kampf

Reviewer: Ronish Baxter - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 7, Subject: Useful Information for Online Users This piece of text is like a an invaluable piece of text for online users who wish to learn more about Mein Kampf. Certainly very useful for me as I was searching for it since a long time and ultimately I got hold of it thanks to archive.

Reviewer: doris - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 17, Subject: Michael Fry Exactly, they were not just burning books and art for the sake of it.

The jews were de-moralizing the nation. And by the way. People only have to do their own research, not online, which is all censored and doctored information but old newspapers, old books. Research and find out what was actually happening in Europe in the 's and 30's.


Hitler certainly had every right to defend his country and people from what was happening and was going to spread world wide, if he did not try to stop it. Alas he lost, and the spread of disease happened, now the world is one big sorry zionist pustule run cesspit!!!!

Du you really find that somehow funy or even acceptable??

Reviewer: Supernaturalist - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, Subject: Hmm Never really thought about this book, but saw it on this website and kind of read it.

Weird that Hitler wrote this.

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Also, people who gave 5 stars for anti-jew content are worse than Stanley Yelnats' dirty-rotton pig-stealing great-great-grandfather and they have a thing or two to learn about ethics and history. It is the best book i have ever read!

It is very influential and it is always with me, like a bible. It changed the way I live and the way I see the world. I can read people very well now.

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As well i read it to my children before sleep. They find the part where the author says : "The jews are dirty pigs that need to be burnt" very funny xD, me too. Overall, awesome book.

Can't believe you don't carry a copy with you yet. This version is the best version available because there is no editing and the words are true to the original text. The edited versions of this book are sold by sneaky jews who want to make a buck off a man they hate so much.

No need to download modern versions because the only people who profit from them are the kykes who run the media.

Reviewer: rb - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 9, Subject: Good Read! Mein Kampf is actually a very interesting read.

[Download PDF] Mein Kampf Official English Translation of Adolf Hitlers book

Don't listen to the reviews below. If you have an open mind give this book a chance. Reviewer: rudolf - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 21, Subject: Good reading material Something similar to Rodger Elliott's manifesto, the guy that killed 7 people in Santa Barabara, CA..

Reviewer: godofmagic - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 6, Subject: : I haven't read the book but i will soon but so far after reading a couple pages of the book i say it's a pretty good book. Reviewer: socal sam - favorite - May 29, Subject: This book used to pay Hitler Sadly this drivel was published mostly long term to provide Hitler with a salary.

Whether it was out of patriotism or to earn a quick buck, Sorlot continued to covertly sell the translated version.

Similarly, Hitler ensured that the French version was also significantly edited. The numerous anti-French passages that the original edition contained were toned down or cut altogether. The best way to do both was a mollified public, so they sought to blacklist any texts—Mein Kempf included—that could fuel existing anti-German feelings. This ended in The s had seen a sharp rise in racism and anti-Semitism in France, and Holocaust deniers were becoming increasingly vocal.

By the late s, Sorlot could hardly argue that he was selling a translation of Mein Kampf out of patriotism. Surprisingly, he was allowed to continue publishing Mein Kampf as long as it contained a reminder of the French anti-racism law, as well as a summary of Nazi atrocities and the Nuremberg trials. After much legal wrangling between the two sides, an eight-page text was finally written by a historian and included in all subsequent editions of Mein Kampf: Mon Combat.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Read More.I can read people very well now. Cookie Policy. Two large-scale volumes, bound in elegant grey linen, nearly 1, pages and over 3, footnotes, do indeed make for a peculiar product. Ronish Baxter - favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 7, Subject: And by the way.

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