Plan your teaching using the Story Planner PDF showing the images and captions in . We provide the pictures and you tell the story, with the Bible as your. The Library of Congress has cataloged the previous edition as follows: Taylor, Kenneth Nathaniel. [Family-time Bible in pictures]. Family-time Bible / Kenneth N. which are on earth”3 This is the eternal purpose and two-fold plan of God revealed in the Bible. The Bible: The Big Picture was written to help you see how .

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WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC. of a worldwide Bible educational work .. How is the picture in Story 3 different from the. Each week, look at different stories in the Super Book (the Bible) about each piece of God's armor. Kids will learn how they can use that piece of armor to stand. This Pin was discovered by Debbie Jackson. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Andrew leads Peter shown tonsured subsequently to Christ. Philip brings Nathaniel under a fig tree. Christ expels traders. Frame 39 fol.

Nicodemus in academic dress comes by night. John the Evangelist beardless invites Jesus and Mary in Galilee shown as a crenellated wall as later to a wedding which traditionally should have been his. Water becomes wine at Cana. Frame 40 fol. Cross-legged Herod, condemned by John, imprisons him. John in the tower sends to Jesus.

Note leper, with clapper and cripples. Frame 41 fol. Salome 'tumbling' before Herod. Herodias advises her. Decollation of the Baptist. His head on a charger. Frame 42 fol. Peter and Andrew, James and John. Note new-fangled bowsprits, forecastles, rudders, and tillers. In the Luttrell Psalter the ship is similar, but without a bowsprit. Peter's wide-meshed fishing net.

The colourist had to erase a sail, which he painted wrong. Christ makes Peter fisher of souls. In the synagogue Christ reads from a book; it should be a scroll. The Church twelve apostles with bare feet opposite disciples. Frame 44 fol. Sermon on the Mount. Christ heals a leper and the centurion's man. He expels a devil. The writer thinks Centurion is a lord with knights' services. Frame 45 fol. Peter's mother-in-law Note turban and ventilator.

The youth of Nain on a bier. The Master of Law rejected. Young man rejected. Frame 46 fol. Christ sleeps. Then calms the sea. Note figure-heads, tiller and lighthouse. Devils leave demoniac and enter swine which rush to destruction. The aquiline swine-herd prays Him to depart. Frame 47 fol. A paralytic descends.

The woman of Samaria "at the town's end on the green" talks.

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A picnic regarded with curiosity by Samaritan women. Frame 48 fol. A lord's son will be healed. Dinner with Matthew regarded with vexation by a Pharisee. Jairus's daughter raised and fed. The grass is wrong for this miracle occurred indoors — Luke vm, The text says that those raised by enchanters did not eat. The woman with the flux. Blind men healed. Note Christ's gestures of healing Frame 49 fol. Mary and Martha in House of Simon. Christ justified Mary Magdalene, traditionally identified with Martha's sister.

A blank represents the omission of matter which might have occupied six leaves. Frame 50 fol. Triumphal entry. Note pussy willows for palms Bethphage castellum in Vulgate is castellated like Emmaus, fol. Weeping over Jerusalem. The Temple cleansed — this traditionally happened twice cf fol. The widow's mite Frame 51 fol 26v. Christ with two Jews Frame 52 fol. Three attempts to trap Jesus.

Pharisees with seat of Moses, thorns to remind them of the law and phylacteries. Frame 54 fol. Two disciples follow a water-carrier. The Last Supper, with Judas in black cap but not as so often on the other side of the table. The faces are like some on Odda altar frontals at Bergen. Frame 55 fol. Christ sarmounoyt un graunt long sarmoun. He rouses them. He prays.

If the draughtsman entrusted any work to a pupil, it is here exemplified. Frame 56 fol. The betrayal. The text repeats an unscriptural tradition that the thirty pieces of silver were gold. These gold coins had various adventures with various owners like a golden dollar in a Nazi propaganda novel.

Note the typical variety of weapons. Peter watches Christ before Annas. Before Caiaphas.

Frame 57 fol. Christ buffeted. He is seated as in Towneley and Coventry Plays. Note torse instead of crown of thorns, perhaps derived from plays. It should be shown later not here. Christ whipped, tied to a ragged staff like the Warwick badge to which sometimes a bear is tethered. Cock crows.

Peter at the fire. Pilate's maid with red hair.

Frame 58 fol. Judas returns the bribe. His soul emerges with his bowels as it cannot pass lips which kissed Jesus, as in the South England legendary. Christ before Pilate and Herod. The Jews in mitres, as in drama and Alabaster. Herod sends Christ in white to Pilate. The text says "purple", Luke says "gorgeous" in English, "alba" in Latin.

The earliest vestment, an "alb", is derived from this. Pontius has a pointed hat like Punch. Frame 60 fol. Three Marys follow Christ.

Note the green cross. Simon of Gyrene with gloves, tall hat, country boots and cudgel. A carpenter bores a hole. A smith says his hand is too bad to make nails.

His wife at the forge. Frame 61 fol. Christ's limbs stretched as in mystical writings when he is nailed to the Cross. The bruises recall Richard Rolle. For a dovehouse is full of holys, so is thy body full of woundes. Frame 62 fol. The fair thief at the right hand turns to Christ unlike his dark and sinister fellow. Thieves of such complexion occur in a National Gallery picture in the style of Orcagna midth century.

Frame 63 fol. Mary covers Christ's loins with her coverchef as in mystical writings. Blind Longinus pierces His side. Adam catches His blood. Thieves' legs broken. The cross is brown and blue recalling the colours of winter in the North-East corner of the Bignor Mosaic.

Frame 64 fol. The deposition. Joseph of Arimathea approaches Pilate. In error old Joseph, the husband of Mary, is also shown. The cross is not green, but again brown and blue. Frame 65 fol. The guards instructed. One bears a lion's head cabossed. The burial with Joseph, Nicodemus and the three Marys though actually the women only saw from afar. Hell harrowed. The damned all look masculine, though the text says females were there too.

Frame 67 fol. The guards surprised by the Resurrection. The cross, now floriated, is green again. Three Marys at the tomb as Peter Comestor said the church represents them. Frame 68 fol. One or two?

Matthew the text says angels bid "Seek Him in Galilee". Dramatic representation. Peter, John and Mary Magdalene.

Frame 69 fol. Mary Magdalene mistakes Christ for the gardener. Christ is represented as a spiritual gardener in modern Catholic devotions and Protestant hymns. Durer and Rembrandt portray him as an actual gardener, as in carvings in Lincoln cathedral and Magdalen College hall.

The guards bribed. Frame 70 fol. The three Marys kiss His feet. The "pilgrims" at the "castle" of Emmaus. Such rough, hairy travelling coats are still worn in Persia and elsewhere. Frame 71 fol. Two appearances at Jerusalem. Thomas "of India".

Frame 72 fol.

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By the Lake. Fish grilled. The charge to Peter, called in error "a fisher of sheep". In Galilee, shown as on fol. Frame 74 fol. The Ascension'. Frame 75 fol. Jesus indicates the nature of hypocrites by comparison with a sepulchre which is beautiful outside but putrid within.

King Joash martyrs Zachariah. Jesus tells Jews and the Twelve what will happen before He comes again. Frame 76 fol. Hadrian put an idol where the ark had been. A Pharisee strikes it with an axe. Hadrian destroys Jerusalem and an angel tails the Christians to flee to Pella.

The Heavens are darkened and there is Flood and Fire. Jeremy tells of the Signs which are to precede the Last Day. Frame 77 fol. The great fight one another on horseback. The common folk fight each other on foot.

Note the details of armour and weapons. Frame 78 fol. The Fifteen Signs of Judgement. The first five: The sea rises and then vanishes. Monsters from the deep bray. The waters burn. Grass and trees sweat blood. Frame 79 fol. The sixth day. The buildings fall. The seventh day. The stones fight each other. The eighth day. The earth quakes. The ninth day. The earth is made one and equal. Frame 80 fol. The tenth day. The people come forth speechless. The eleventh day. The dead come out of their tombs.

The twelfth day. The stars fall. The thirteenth day. All survivors die that they may rise again. Note Pope, king and bishop.

Christ's second coming. Four angels blow trumpets. Note the Instruments of the Passion, Popes, kings and bishops arise from the dead, with others.

Frame 82 fol.

In such discussions, he uses a number of methods. At times he investigates the lexical or grammatical meaning of a word, and at other times he brings insight gained from archaeological discoveries.

Robertson's ultimate desire is to take the "word pictures" of New Testament Greek and make these pictures of the past alive again today, thus leading the modern reader closer to an understanding of the Living Word of God. About the Author: A. Converted at age 13, he was licensed to preach at age In he was elected to succeed John A.

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He held this position until his death in Robertson's greatest contribution to biblical scholarship was in the field of New Testament Greek. In he published his monumental 1,page Grammar of the Greek New Testament, the largest and most comprehensive New Testament grammar ever published. It went into five editions by Robertson also authored forty-five other books.

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Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

Having this book on a CD is a dream come true. Try doing that with a printed book! Everything on this disk is fully searchable. And with so many pages and chapters to study, having built-in Bookmarks is definitely a time saver! Do you like audio books? Another time-saving feature not talked about very often is the "Read Aloud" function of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This feature will allow your computer to read the text of the book to you, whether it be one page or the entire book!The fair thief at the right hand turns to Christ unlike his dark and sinister fellow.

The result was this 5-page Gospel coloring book. The great fight one another on horseback. The unscriptural angel holding His garment is frequent in art. Peter's mother-in-law Note turban and ventilator. We are a team of Christians creating a visual journey through the Bible as a resource for teaching all ages — available for free download by anyone, anywhere at any time.


The betrayal. About the Author: A.